Rya Rug Backing 35 cm x 100 cm


Finnish Style Rya rug backing 35 cm x 100 cm

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Finnish Style Rya Rug backing fabric.
The Finnish style of rya rug backing is lightweight and is designed for rya rugs that are meant for wall art or cushion coverings. This backing is not designed for heavy floor use.

A pre-cut length of hand woven Rya rug backing fabric measuring 35 cm width x 100 cm length. (1 meter)
The Spacing between each Rya knot row is 1 cm.
Backing Width 35 cm (14 inches)
No. Knots per Row 52 knots
Backing Length 100 cm
No. Rows 100

When using thicker weight rya rug yarns, you can increase the spacing between the rya knots. Tie a rya knot over 2 warp threads, skip a warp thread, tie the second knot.
This changes the number of knots to 35 per row.

The ends of the rya backing are zig zag stitched to prevent fraying.
The ends of the rug will need to be hand hemmed. Allow approx. 10 cm extra length for the hemming.
Finished size approx. 30 cm x 40 cm

If you would like to order a different length of rya rug backing, please contact me.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 35 × 50 cm