How to Warp a Beaivi Loom Workshop

Saami Band Weaving

This workshop will teach you how to warp and weave pickup designs on a Beaivi Double hole rigid heddle loom. You will learn how to warp the loom using a warping board. We will use 9 pattern threads and you will learn how to weave pickup with a selection of different braid weaving patterns. A… Continue reading How to Warp a Beaivi Loom Workshop

Learn to Wet Felt a Picture

Rosie's Felt Picture

Learn the basic steps of wet felting by making a small picture. Wet felting uses simple materials of wool fibre, water, soap and bubble wrap. You will learn how to layer the wool fibres and use wet felting methods to create a smooth piece of felt. We will use a learn how to create a… Continue reading Learn to Wet Felt a Picture

Simply Sumptuous Spinning Workshop

Simply Sumptuous Spinning

A hand spinning workshop for the discerning hand spinner who wants to try something new. You will get a surprise goodie bag of 5 different, luxurious spinning fibres to spin during the class. This hand spinning course is designed for the more experienced hand spinner. Spinning fibres such as blended silks, yak, musk ox, banana,… Continue reading Simply Sumptuous Spinning Workshop

Learn to Use a Drum Carder

Drum Carder Blending

This hand spinning workshop teaches you how to blend different yarns and to create new colours using hand cards or a drum carder. You will work with different types and colours of wools to create a unique set of yarns. Some experience with hand spinning is required before taking this workshop. I have a few… Continue reading Learn to Use a Drum Carder