Hand dyed, handspun, hand felted, handwoven.
Specializing in hand made and hand dyed bespoke textiles in the Finnish and Saami tradition.

Please Note:
In addition to selling via Paivatar Yarn on Etsy, I am updating my website to include a Web Shop.
Many of my products will now be available for purchase directly through this website.
If you have any questions, please contact me.


In Finnish mythology and the epic poem “Kalevala”,
Päivätär was the Weaving and Spinning Goddess.

“Twas the fair maid of the North
the Land’s famous, water’s choice
sat on the sky’s collar bow
upon heaven’s arch
shimmered in clean clothes
and in white garments;
cloth of gold she is weaving
of silver she is working
from a gold shuttle
with a silver reed.
The shuttle whizzed in her grasp
in her hand the spool swivelled
the heddles of copper creaked
the silver reed slammed
as the maid wove cloth.”

Kalevala 8

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