Tablet Woven Bands

Tablet Woven Belt

Another style of band that I weave are woven using tablets or cards. The tablets usually have 3-6 holes and the warp yarn is threaded through. Complex patterns can be woven by twisting or turning the cards in different directions. The end of the warp can be tied to a post, a table leg, and is woven backstrap style. The warp can also be wound onto a small loom that helps control the tension while weaving.
Narrow bands using tablets has been woven in Karelia and Finland since the early Iron Age. Many of the woven belts that I weave use these traditional Karelian patterns. I use hand dyed wool that I have dyed with natural plant colours to weave these belts and sashes.
If you would like to have a Karelian style belt made for you, please contact me regarding a special order.

Please check out some of the tablet woven bands that are currently in stock in my Web Shop. A few are also sometimes listed in my PaivatarYarn Etsy shop.