Cookies and Privacy Policy

I do not collect any personal information from you as you visit this website. If you send me an email or Contact me through the Contact page<, I do keep your information so that I am able to contact you regarding any queries you may have.

If you use my Web Shop to purchase any items, I do not keep any of your personal or financial information on file. All purchases are made through Paypal only. I now also accept a selection of Crypto Currency payments.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics software in order to track user visits so that I am able to see what types of information or pages users are looking for. This allows me to better design my website to meet your needs. I do not collect any personal information regarding your visits via Google Analytics.
For more information please visit:
Google Analytics Privacy Policy

When you click on the Link regarding your website tracking preferences, please do feel free to say No to the advanced tracking options.