Saami Crafts

I like to make traditional style Saami crafts based on the heritage of my ancestors. Saami handicraft or duodji has a long tradition dating back a thousand years. The Saami make crafts that have both beauty and function.
I purchase all of my materials from Saami suppliers in Sweden and Finland.
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Pewter Thread
Saami tenntr√•dsbroderi – ancestral crafts in a modern age. Tenntr√•dsbroderi or Tin Thread embroidery was crafted by the Saami since the 1600’s. The pewter or tin thread was made by melting pewter plates and spinning the tin into yarn. The tin was often drawn or pulled through a diz and spun with the teeth. The tin yarn was then used for embroidery to decorate trims for clothing, make jewellery and other items.

Pewter Thread Spinning
Pewter Thread Spinning

Reindeer Leather
Reindeer leather is a precious commodity. and hard to get. Reindeer leather is a precious commodity that is difficult to source. Most of the reindeer hides are used by the Saami people for their own clothing and personal use. I am only able to purchase the reindeer leather in small quantities that are sold as scrap leather. I stitch the small pieces together in order to make purses, pouches, reindeer bracelets and other items.

Reindeer Leather Recycling
Reindeer Leather Recycling

Sami style bracelets made with woven bands, fish skins, reindeer leather and pewter embroidery.

Sami Band Weaving
Woven narrow bands using pure wool and traditional Sami patterns.

Bags and Cases
Bags, purses, pouches and cases are useful items and can be used for many purposes. These bags are made using traditional Sami materials: wool vadmal, reindeer leather or fish leather and decorated with colourful Sami bands or pewter tin embroidery.
Sami Reindeer Leather Coffee Bags
Coffee was important to the Sami. Everyone carried a special coffee bag on their belt and the first person to arrive at a new camp had the responsibility to make coffee for the others.

Reindeer Leather Purses and Handbags
Reindeer Leather Vadmal Coin Wallets
Reindeer Leather Vadmal Coin Wallets

Fish Skin and Reindeer Leather Pouches and Wallets

iPad Sleeves and Cases
Wool Vadmal Ipad Sleeves
Wool Vadmal Ipad Sleeves

Nalbinding Needle Cases