Sigga Sami Band Weaving Heddle

Saami Band Weaving Supplies

Sami Craft Supplies

Saami Band weaving heddles, shuttles, yarns and other supplies are now available for purchase directly through my Web Shop or my shops on Etsy and EBay.
For UK Customers – please visit my Paivatar Yarn Web Shop.
For International Customers – please visit my shops on Etsy or Ebay.

Saami 2 Hole Rigid Heddle
Saami 2 Hole Rigid Heddle
Beaivi 2 Hole Sami Heddle
Beaivi 2 Hole Sami Heddle

Inkle/Band Weaving Shuttles

Pine Wood Weaving Shuttle
Pine Wood Weaving Shuttle

Band Weaving Yarns

Stoorstalka has designed some pure wool yarns that are excellent for Sami band weaving. I now have some of their Ahkko 4 ply wool yarns in stock.

Traditionally, the background weave on Sami style belts and bands was a natural cotton or wool yarn.

4 Ply Natural Cotton Yarn
4 Ply Natural Cotton Yarn
4 Ply Natural Wool Yarn
4 Ply Natural Wool Yarn

Product Update:
Due to Brexit, and changes in taxation rules, Stoorstalka is no longer able to supply me with their wonderful products.
You may continue to shop with Stoorstalka through their web shops.
Stoorstalka for US, Canada, Australia and Japan.
Stoorstalka Online Store

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Some of my products are also sold through Etsy. Due to high processing fees, I don’t have all of my items listed in my Etsy shop. If you would prefer to shop via Etsy please contact me and I can set up a Custom listing for you.
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Changes in a Changing World

As many of my visitors are from the US, I am changing prices to USD.
Shipping to the UK will be Free.
The Web Shop accepts payments by Paypal.

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