Plant Dyed Sock Yarns

Plant Dyed Sock Yarn
Plant Dyed Sock Yarn

Suomi Sock Kits
I have designed some sock knitting kits using natural plant dyed wool yarns.
The Suomi Sock knitting patterns are based on traditional Finnish folk knitting designs that I remember from my childhood.

Suomi Socks Knitting Pattern
Suomi Socks Knitting Pattern

In my Paivatar Yarn Etsy shop you may purchase a PDF Instant Download of the pattern
as well as some of the hand dyed wool sock knitting yarns.

BFL Superwash, No Nylon Sock Yarns
No nylon has been added to the wool yarn. Just wool and plant dyes, pure and simply natural.

These are sock wool knitting kits made with locally sourced British 100% Blue Faced Leicester wool. The wool has been spun with a high twist making it ideal for knitting strong socks that should last for some time.
The wool is superwash, so that if you happen to toss them into the washing machine they should be ok.
However, it is best to hand wash plant dyed wool socks in order to help maintain the naturally dyed colours.

About Superwash Wools
Superwash is a treatment applied to wool fibres which makes more resistant to shrinking. In the 80’s superwash treatment got a bad rap because in some countries the effluent was not recycled. This has however has changed dramatically as the EU enforced very strict laws and any by-products must be removed from the water before it is discharged into the water systems. This now means that the water discharged actually is better than the drinking water you get from the tap. Not all countries have the same regulations and we only use superwash wool which is from highly regulated treatment plants in the UK and Europe (which also have very strict standards). We are very particular about where our wool is superwash treated. Jeni has personally been to visit our Superwash treatment plant in the UK and this was a really interesting visit, the owner has PhD in this area and employs the most up-to-date superwash techniques and is always trailing new ideas.

So… what does the process involve? Firstly the wool is treated in chlorine in the water to dull the tips of the scales of the wool, this reduces the ability of the scales to stick to each-other and therefore reduces felting. Secondly a super thin coating of resin is applied to the fibres permanently bonding to the wool, this smooths the scales, improving the handle and also prevents felting.

Hand dyed and hand spun yarns can now be found for purchase in my Etsy and EBay shops.
I add new items on a regular basis so please check back, or send me an email if you are looking for something.

For International customers, please visit my shops on Etsy and on Ebay.
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Natural Dyed Sock Yarn