Tapestry Yarn Kits

Needlepoint Yarn Kit
Needlepoint Yarn Kit

Natural Plant Dyed Needlepoint Tapestry Wool

These are hand dyed tapestry wool yarn kits. The yarns that I use for these kits are organic wool, no nylon, no chemicals, just pure natural wool. The yarns are all dyed using natural plant dyes.
The wool yarn is similar in weight to Appleton’s tapestry wools and are suitable for embroidery, tapestry work, needlepoint, crochet, fine knitting or nalbinding. These yarns are sold through my Web Shop and also on Etsy and Ebay.

Tapestry Yarn Rainbow Packs

Each skein is approx. 10 meters in length
10 skeins of naturally plant dyed rainbow colours per pack.

Rainbow Tapestry Wool Kits
Rainbow Tapestry Wool Kits

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The natural dyes are created using plants, leaves, flowers, tree barks and minerals that have been used and tested through the ages. Naturally dyed colours fade gently yet remain beautiful.
Some of the dye plants that I use to create the many shades of the rainbow are:
Reds: Madder root, Brazilwood, Cochineal
Yellows: Weld, Fustic, Dyers Greenwood, Flame of the Forest
Blues: Indigo, Woad, Japanese Indigo
Purples and Greys: Alkanet, Logwood

I love to dye rainbows of colour using natural dye plants. These tapestry yarns are the results of my experiments. Natural dyes produce colours that are unique yet harmonious with each other. Not to be repeated. I hope that you will enjoy creating something new with the yarns as much as I have enjoyed making them.

I will be adding more naturally dyed yarns each week, so please check back for new plant dyed colours.

Please note that hand dyed yarns take up dye at different rates, so may have some colour variation throughout the skein, creating a unique look to the yarn. Some natural dye residue such as Indigo may rub off onto your hands.

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Due to changes to International shipping rules on taxes, as a small supplier, I do not have the infrastructure to comply with duties and taxation rules. Therefore my Web Shop is only open to UK customers.
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Plant Dyed Tapestry Wool