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A selection of Saami reindeer leather kits and craft supplies are now available for purchase.

Sami Reindeer Leather Bracelet Kits

Sami Reindeer Leather Bracelet Kit
Sami Reindeer Leather Bracelet Kit

These Kits include:
Reindeer leather strip
Pewter thread
Reindeer Antler button
Linen thread
Nylon thread
Leather Glovers needle
Sharp needle

Pewter Thread

Pewter thread is traditionally used for embroidery and embellishments on Sami style clothing.
The pewter thread is 96% tin and 4% silver. Nickel free.

For more information about how pewter or tin thread was made by the Saami please visit All Fiber Arts – The Saami Art of Tin Thread Spinning.
The sizing of pewter thread refers to the diameter of the thread before it is spun.

Thread Before SpinningSpun Thread Size
.25 mm
.70 mm
.30 mm.80 mm
.35 mm.90 mm
.40 mm1.05 mm
.45 mm1.15 mm

Tin or Pewter thread is available in various widths and lengths:
.25 mm, .30 mm, .35 mm, .40 mm

Vadmal (Wadmal)
Vadmal is a felted woolen cloth that has been beaten in cold water to make it smooth and water resistant. It is lovely for use in Saami style clothing, embroidery and for Viking style textiles.

Vadmal Felted Wool
Vadmal Felted Wool

VADMAL (Wadmal) is a type of woven and felted wool that has been made in Scandinavian countries for many years. The wool cloth is woven on a floor loom and then beaten in a hammer mill until the wool felts to a smooth surface. The Vadmal felting process creates a wool cloth that is water and wind resistant.
Along with reindeer skins, Vadmal cloth is used by the Sami for much of their clothing and crafts. Wadmal is also used for reenactment clothing.
The Vadmal Wool fabric is made with natural wool colours and may show some small darker spots in the fabric. This is not dirt but is small flecks of naturally coloured sheep wool (greys and browns) The surface of Vadmal wool is smooth and makes a wonderful fabric for hand stitching and embroidery.

For more information about Vadmal wool cloth, please visit my Blog at All Fiber Arts.


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Sami Craft Supplies

I am sad to say that I have very few Sami band weaving supplies left. Due to UK/Brexit issues, Stoorstalka has stopped supplying them to me.
I have a few band weaving reeds left – you can find them listed in my Etsy Shop.