Ahkko Sami Bandweaving Yarn Yellow


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Stoorstalka has designed some wool yarns specifically for Sami band weaving. The wool yarns are worsted spun and have a high twist making them suitable for use with the Stoorstalka weaving reeds or other types of band or tablet weaving. The wool yarns can be ordered in a selection of traditional Saami colours:
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Black.

Yarn size: 4/18 NM, 4 ply fingering, sock weight
Skein size: 50 grams (1.76 oz)
Yarn length: 225 meters (245 yards)
Colours: Yellow

The wool yarns are a fingering or sock weight wool and can also be used for knitting or crochet.
Please note:
This wool yarn is NOT SUPERWASH.
So the yarn will shrink if washed in hot water. When weaving Sami style shoe bands etc. It is better to not use superwash wool, as it is desirable for the band (or knitted mittens) to felt and shrink a bit, to make it more durable in snow and winter climates.

When weaving Sami style bands you may use all wool yarns or a combination of wool and cotton. Often, the Sami bands were woven with a cotton background yarn, and wool yarn was used for the pattern warp only. The choice is up to you.
If you have any questions about weaving Sami style bands, please ask.

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