Saami Band Weaving Supplies

Sigga Sami Band Weaving Heddle

Saami Band weaving heddles, shuttles, yarns and other supplies are now available for purchase directly through my Web Shop or my shops on Etsy and EBay. For UK Customers – please visit my Paivatar Yarn Web Shop. For International Customers – please visit my shops on Etsy or Ebay.

Sami Band Weaving Workshop

Sami Pickup Woven Band

Learn how to weave pickup designs on a Saami rigid heddle band loom. This workshop will provide an introduction to 3 styles of Sami band looms made by Stoorstalka – The Sigga heddle, the Sunna heddle and the Beaivi heddle. The 3 styles of heddles will be pre-warped and ready for you to weave. Please… Continue reading Sami Band Weaving Workshop