Sami Band Weaving Workshop

Sami Pickup Woven Band

Learn how to weave pickup designs on a Saami rigid heddle band loom. This workshop will provide an introduction to 3 styles of Sami band looms made by Stoorstalka – The Sigga heddle, the Sunna heddle and the Beaivi heddle. The 3 styles of heddles will be pre-warped and ready for you to weave. Please… Continue reading Sami Band Weaving Workshop

Saami Band Weaving Workshops

A series of workshops to learn how to weave Saami style pickup bands or braids using a double hole rigid heddle (Beaivi weaving heddle). A double hole rigid heddle is similar to the standard weaving reeds that have one set of holes and one set of slots. These carry the ground weave of the band.… Continue reading Saami Band Weaving Workshops

Sami Handwoven Bands

9 Thread Skalleband

These belts, braids and bands are hand woven using traditional Saami patterns. The bands are generally woven using wool yarns imported from Sweden and Finland. The Sami Bands are woven on a Sami style double heddle reed. Sami band weaving is quite time consuming to weave, unlike most other types of braid weaving because each… Continue reading Sami Handwoven Bands