Paivatar Weaving Studio Workshops

2023 Workshops

I am currently offering only a Natural Dye Workshop –
50 Shades of Colour from Plants

Please note:
March 29, 2022 Update:
Currently, I will not be offering most of these workshops at this time.

How-to Information about hand weaving, spinning, natural dyes, nalbinding can be found by visiting my All Fiber Arts website.
I am also adding new How To videos on my YouTube channel.
I do not offer Zoom based workshops, as my weaving studio is an internet free zone.
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Previous Workshops

Pre-pandemic, I was offering beginner and intermediate classes and workshops in hand weaving, hand spinning, felt making and dyeing. All workshops were in my studio in the UK. I have now moved to an on-line service only.

Hand Weaving Workshops

Beginner Hand Weaving Workshops
Learn to weave on a rigid heddle or 4 shaft table top loom.
Saami Band Weaving Workshop
Learn to weave pickup using a Saami double hole rigid heddle loom.

Hand Spinning Workshops

Learn to SpinThe workshop for the beginner hand spinner.
Learn to Use a Drum CarderHow to use a drum carder to create new colours and Yarns.
Plied and Cabled YarnsHow to spin plied and cabled yarns.
Simply Sumptuous SpinningA surprise selection of different fibres to spin.

Dye Workshops

50 Shades of Colour Dye Workshop
Learn to use acid based dyes to create many shades using just 3 prime colours of dye.
Beginner Flora Plant Dyes Workshop
For the beginner dyer, how to prepare mordants, collect dye plants and prepare natural plant dye baths.
Shibori Indigo Dye Workshop
Learn how to prepare and maintain 2 different types of Indigo vats – Iron and Fructose.

Wet Felting Workshops

Felted Easter Eggs Workshop Learn to make Easter eggs with needle and wet felting methods.
Felt a Picture Workshop Learn the basic steps of feltmaking by making a picture.
Felt a Small Case Workshop Learn to felt a small case for your Iphone or sunglasses.
Felted Oven Mitt Workshop Learn to felt an oven mitt using a resist.
Felted IPad Case Workshop Learn to felt a case or bag for your IPad or tablet.
Felted Cloche Style Hat Workshop Learn to felt a cloche style hat using a resist.
Felted French Beret Workshop Learn to felt a beret style hat using a resist.