Spin Flora

Spin Flora not Fauna
Simply Special Summer School 2017
Sparsholt College
Sunday August 13 – Sunday August 20, 2017

Spin Flora not Fauna

Spin Flora not Fauna

Course overview:
Paivi Suomi, a tutor new to Summer School, covering spinning with flax strick and top, hemp strick and top, ramie, soya, banana, corn, rose, nettle, depending on availability.

Course content:
The course will cover an assortment of plant fibres, ranging from coarse tow flax, to soft and slippery soya silk. Each day will focus on a different plant fibre or two, how to spin it, ply it, dye it, along with some ideas and small projects that can be made from the sample yarns such as knit, crochet, woven, as it is preferable to have an end use for yarns that are spun, rather than an odd collection of sample skeins that sit in a box. Some of the flora fibres that will be spun are: flax strick and top, hemp strick and top, ramie, soya, banana, corn, rose, nettle (not cotton). The fibres may vary depending on availability at the time of the course.

Student experience required:
Have done some spinning before

Tutor profile:
Paivi first learned to spin, weave, felt and dye in the early 1990’s, under the mentorship of Master Spinner, Judith MacKenzie. Following that very enriching experience, she worked as the Weaving/Spinning Guide at About.com, providing support to the Fibre Arts online community. She continued this work with an online blog http://www.allfiberarts.com Since retiring from the world of other work, Paivi provides one-to-one and small group workshops from her studio in Chichester.

Materials/equipment – students to bring:
Spinning wheel, extra bobbins, skein winder, small dish, small tea towels, distaff if you have one
A more comprehensive list will be sent to students a month before Summer School

Materials/equipment – tutor will provide:
All spinning fibres for the workshop

Additional costs:
£40 to cover materials costs

Tutor web/blog

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