Sámi Band Weaving

Sami Bands and Belts

The Sami style belts and bands are woven on a traditional Sami weaving reed. The coloured pattern yarns are threaded through the top row of holes. The bottom holes and slots carry the background threads. The pattern is picked by hand, raising or lowering the pattern threads according to the pattern.
Some of my belts and bands are woven on using a Sami Heddle, a Scandinavian band loom or a floor loom.

Hand Woven Bookmarks

I weave many styles and types of narrow bands on different types of inkle and Sami band looms. Often I have small samples left over that are just too pretty to discard. A bookmark is a good way to recycle and to reduce waste.

Handwoven Bookmarks
Handwoven Bookmarks

Sámi Shoe Bands

Lumi Retki Shoe Band
Lumi Retki Shoe Band

Sámi bands and belts are custom made to order.

Sami Bandweaving on a Heddle – YouTube

Sami Bandweaving on a Scandinavian Band Loom – YouTube


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