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Please note: I am feeling a bit stronger now so am returning to my love of designing rya rugs. Rya rug backings will be available in a variety of widths and lengths. I am currently designing some new rya kits using naturally plant dyed yarns and using some of the traditional Finnish rya designs.

I am updating this website on a regular basis with new hand dyed yarns, handwoven items and other products. If you would like to keep informed of the latest developments, please
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DIY Rya Kits
These Rya Kits will feature grab bag of yarns that I have recently dyed, so you can create your own design. Every kit will be unique.

Ikkuna 23 Rya Kit
I first designed these ‘Ikkuna’ Window Panes Rya kits about 20 years ago. I wove the first sample rya on my Glimakra tapestry loom. Each window pane gives a view of a different hand dyed colour, framed in black. The popular kits have gone through many variations over the years.
The Ikkuna 2023 version is now dyed with natural plant dyes.

Finnish Folk Rya

History of the Rya Rug

Rya Rug Backing
For those who don’t weave but like the plushness of a rya rug I now am able to supply the backing fabric so you can make your own rya.
Rya Rug backing fabric is sold by the meter and can be ordered in a variety of widths.

Natural Plant Dyed Rya Rug Yarns
I have moved away from using synthetic dyes for most of my hand spun and hand woven work and am working with natural plant dyes.
If you would like to make your own rya rug, please see my selection of plant dyed wool yarns designed for rya rug making.

Rya Rug Instructions
How to sew a rya rug.

Rya Yarn Calculator
How to calculate how much Rya yarn you need to stitch your own rya rug.

How to Tie a Rya Rug Knot

I often get asked How do you tie the knots on a loom woven rya rug.
Here’s how:

Rya Rug Knots – YouTube Video

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Handwoven Rya Rugs
I design all of my rya rug patterns and hand dye all of my yarns at the time of the order, making each rya truly unique.

rya rug yarns
Hand dyed Rya Rug Yarns

The rya rugs are all handwoven on a floor loom. A row of fine wool yarn is hand knotted across the width of the warp, creating the design. Then several rows of wool yarn are woven across to hold the rya knots in place. On average, it takes about half an hour to tie each row of knots (depending on the width of the warp, of course)

Rya Rug Weaving on a Floor Loom – YouTube Video

Please visit my Channel on Rumble for more how-to videos.

Bespoke Rya Rugs

Here are some links to my previous work.

Handwoven Rya Rugs 2015
Rya Rugs 2015

Rya Rug Kits
Small Rya Rug Kits

Undulations Rya Rug
Undulations Rya Rug

1970’s Rya Rugs
Rya rugs that I designed in the style of the ’70’s.

Rothko Rya Kits
Rothko Rya Rug Kits

Rothko Rya Rug
Rothko Rya Kits

These “Rya Rugs” are designed to be hung on a wall as a piece of art. Using a Rya as floor or area rug is not recommended.

Sadly, over the years I have received many emails from rya rug owners, asking how to repair the hole in their rug that was created by a table or chair leg. A repair is possible sometimes, but this should not have happened. Ryas are traditionally used as a bed covering or a wall hanging. A Rya should be treated as a treasured piece of art, hung on the wall, not on the floor and can last for a lifetime when cared for properly.

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