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Tales of a Sámi – 1.2

TraaniLamppu - Seal Oil Lamp

Tales of a Sámi Tape 1 Part 2 Childhood Memories – Part 1.2These YouTube videos are all spoken by my father, in the Finnish language. I have added translations into several other […]

Reindeer Leather Clutch Bags

Blue Sami Reindeer Leather Clutch Purse

These are hand made reindeer leather clutch purses. The reindeer leather pouch has been made using reindeer leather scraps in various colours. The purse is lined with natural linen fabric and has […]

Reindeer Leather Purses

Reindeer Leather Scraps

Reindeer Leather Bags and Purses I make these reindeer leather pouches and purses using small textile scraps of reindeer leather, because reindeer leather is hard to obtain. The Saami raise reindeer herds […]