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DIY RYA Rug Kits

Paivatar DIY RYA Rug Kit

DIY RYA Rug Kits I am often asked if I could sell yarns for those who would like to design their own rya, rather than following a specific pattern. In the past […]

1970’s Rya Rugs

Rya Rug Exhibit

1970’s Rya Rug Exhibit These are some rya rugs I designed a few years ago, in the style of the 1960’s – 70’s rya rugs. The yarns were all hand dyed. The […]

Rya Instructions

How to Stitch a Rya Rug

Stitching a Rya RugA rya rug can be either woven and knotted on a floor loom or the backing can be woven first and then the knotted pile design can be hand […]