Felted Easter Eggs Workshop

Using a combination of needle felting and wet felting techniques make some colourful Easter eggs and a felted basket. This workshop is suitable for the beginner felter.

Felted Easter Eggs
Felted Easter Eggs

Felted Easter Eggs Workshop
Course Length: 3 hours
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided.

Course Fee: £25.00
Materials Fee: £5.00

A £10.00 non-refundable deposit will be required on booking. Please contact me for further information or if you would like to register for a course.
The Materials fee covers sufficient fibre for the workshop. Additional felting wool for practicing at home can be purchased after the workshop.
All of the workshops are provided in my home studio. I keep the class sizes small so that I can provide individual instruction.

Wet Felting Workshops

Felted Easter Eggs Workshop Learn to make Easter eggs with needle and wet felting methods.
Felt a Picture Workshop Learn the basic steps of feltmaking by making a picture.
Felt a Small Case Workshop Learn to felt a small case for you Iphone or sunglasses.
Felted Oven Mitt Workshop Learn to felt an oven mitt using a resist.
Felted IPad Case Workshop Learn to felt a case or bag for your IPad or tablet.
Felted Cloche Style Hat Workshop Learn to felt a cloche style hat using a resist.
Felted French Beret Workshop Learn to felt a beret style hat using a resist.

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Contact Info:
Paivi Suomi
22 Ferry Drive
West Sussex UK
PO19 8GJ
Mobile: 075 402 77705
Email: paivatar.yarns@gmail.com

joulu tonttu

This Scandinavian style tonttu is a needle felted elf-like Christmas tree decoration. The tonttu like to wear colourful tall hats. The tonttu is very shy and doesn’t like it when people look him in the eye. He wears his hat over his eyes and peeks out when you are not watching.

Needle Felted Tonttu
Needle Felted Tonttu

A Tonttu (Finland) Tomte (Sweden) or Nisse (Norway) is a traditional creature from Scandinavian folklore typically associated with the winter solstice and the Christmas season. According to tradition, the tonttu live in the forest. Some tomtes secretly live in houses and act as a guardian to the household. If treated well, they protect children and animals from evil and misfortune. The Christmas tonttu brings gifts to children from Santa. Be sure to leave him a bowl of porridge on Christmas eve.

Needle Felted Christmas Gnomes
If you would like to have a tonttu of your own, please visit my Shop on Etsy.

Needle Felted Magic Mushroom
Needle Felted Magic Mushroom

Needle Felted Christmas Mushroom on Etsy

Red and coloured mushrooms are commonly found in the pine forests of Finland and Scandinavia. According to Scandinavian folklore the tonttu or elves can be found peeking out from behind mushrooms.

If you are lucky enough to own a Tonttu (Finland) Tomte (Sweden) or Nisse (Norway) of your very own, make him feel welcome by giving him a mushroom to hide behind.