Licorice Allsorts Art Yarn

Licorice Allsorts Art Yarns

The inspiration for these hand spun, hand dyed art yarns came as I was sitting outside looking at some of the merino roving I had dyed. It occurred to me that the colours were a bit too ‘vanilla’. So I thought that adding a bit of black would add some contrast. Hence, Licorice Allsorts Handspun… Continue reading Licorice Allsorts Art Yarn

Holey Moley Handspun

Holey Moley Handspun Yarn

Recipe for Holy Moley Hand Spun Art Yarns. Start with a selection of fine quality sheep wools. Hand dye them in luscious colours. Carefully choose unique beads to give a bit of extra bling and thread onto a fine linen yarn. Using a combination of special hand spinning techniques, racing stripes, autowraps, coils, cocoons, twists… Continue reading Holey Moley Handspun


Hand Spun Nalbinding Yarn

Handspun Nalbinding Yarns Nalbinding is an ancient textile technique that pre-dates knitting. Nalbinding knots are sewn using a large wooden needle by forming interconnecting loops around your thumb. This yarn has been specially hand spun for use in nalbinding projects such as mittens, hats or slippers. It has been handspun and plied using a worsted… Continue reading Naalbinding