Scandinavian Weaves Workshop

Ikkuna Rya Rug Kit

Over the coming weeks, I will be offering some new weaving courses, designed for the Intermediate or more experienced hand weaver. The workshops will specialize in Scandinavian traditional weave structures. The weaving workshops will be offered as 1 or 2 day courses. 4 Shaft Table Looms will be pre-warped and ready to go. Other weaving… Continue reading Scandinavian Weaves Workshop

Beginner Weaving Workshop

This beginner weaving workshop is designed for those who are interested in learning to weave, but have never woven on a loom before. It is an introductory weaving course that will give you a chance to learn to weave on a few different styles of table looms. Before you delve into the more complex issues… Continue reading Beginner Weaving Workshop

Sami Band Weaving Workshop

Sami Pickup Woven Band

Learn how to weave pickup designs on a Saami rigid heddle band loom. This workshop will provide an introduction to 3 styles of Sami band looms made by Stoorstalka – The Sigga heddle, the Sunna heddle and the Beaivi heddle. The 3 styles of heddles will be pre-warped and ready for you to weave. Please… Continue reading Sami Band Weaving Workshop