Wooden Nalbinding Needle


Wooden Nalbinding Needle 9 cm
ONE Wooden Nalbinding needle – approx 9 cm length
Large Eye


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Wooden Nalbinding Needle 9 cm
This listing is for ONE wooden nalbinding needle. Each wooden needle is individually made so the needles may vary slightly from what is shown in the photos. The naalbinding needle measures approx. 9 cm in length and has a fairly large eye. The wooden needle is very smooth, well sanded and comfortable to work with.
This style of needle would be suitable for working with longer and thicker weights of yarn such as double knit, Aran or chunky yarns.

The craft of nalbinding pre-dates knitting and was widely used throughout the world to create fabrics. The nalbinding needles were hand carved using wood, bone, horns or antlers. Nalbinding differs from knitting in that short lengths of yarn are used at a time. The yarn is looped around the thumb in various formations to create different yarn pattern structures.
The tension of the nalbinding project is determined by the thickness of your thumb. With some nalbinding stitches, the tension can also be adjusted by tightening the yarn on the needle, as in knitting or crochet.

Nalbinding needles come in numerous sizes, lengths and materials. Which needle to use is both a matter of personal preference, size of your hand and type of project you wish to make. As in knitting or crochet, smaller, thinner needles are best used for finer weights of yarn such as 4 Ply or sock yarn. Needles with larger eyes can accommodate thicker yarns.
Please check my other listings for more naalbinding needles.
If you are new to nalbinding and are unsure which type of needle to buy, please contact me for further information.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 27 × 20 cm

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