Sami Reindeer Leather Bracelet 4


Sami Reindeer Leather Wool Vadmal Pewter Thread Arm Band Red Yellow Green Blue 4 cm x 20 cm

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This is a 4 cm wide reindeer leather cuff that has embroidered with pewter thread. The pewter has been hand stittched onto Norwegian wool vadmalin traditional Saami colours of Red, Black, Green and Yellow. The arm band has a black reindeer leather backing. The reindeer leather wrist cuff has a reindeer antler button closure.

Bracelet Width: approx: 4 cm
Bracelet Length: 20 cm
Norwegian Wool Vadmal: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Reindeer Leather: Black
Pewter Thread Embroidery

If you would like to order a bracelet in a different size please contact me. Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion of custom orders.

For a perfect fit, please measure the size of your wrist and add 1 cm allowance so that the Sami wrist band fits loosely but comfortably on your arm.

Leather does not like to get wet, so please take your bracelet off if swimming or in the shower.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 19 × 3 cm