Handwoven Bookmark Red Yellow Green Blue


Handwoven Wool Bookmark Red Blue Yellow Green

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This is a handwoven wool bookmark. This bookmark has been woven on a Scandinavian band loom, using organic cotton threads.
One end of the bookmark is finished with a piece of reindeer leather. The other end has a fringe finish.

The bookmark measures approximately:
Length: 25 cm (9.75 inches)
Width: 3cm (1.2 inches)
Colours: Red Green Blue Yellow

I weave many styles and types of narrow bands on different types of inkle and Sami band looms. Often I have small samples left over that are just too pretty to discard. A bookmark is a good way to recycle and to reduce waste. I make these bookmarks in a generous length, so that they should fit a hardcover book.

If you love books or have a friend who does, why not give them a special treat of a handmade bookmark.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 25 × 3 cm