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Bamboo Roving

Quantity: 25 grams
Colour: Pink
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Bamboo Viscose Top Roving Vegan Spinning Fibre
Bamboo viscose top is one of the relatively new hand spinning fibres. The bamboo is processed into a cellulose pulp and wet spun into silky filaments. Bamboo is cool to wear as it has high water absorbency, and also has antibacterial properties. The main producer of bamboo is China.
Bamboo fibre is best spun with a high twist. The singles yarn can be plied with itself or with another yarn such as wool. Bamboo can also be carded and blended with other fibres.
Bamboo fibre is excellent for making doll hair, as well as wet or needle felting or papermaking.

Bamboo fibre can be dyed using natural plant dyes and mordants or other dyes suitable for cellulose fibres.

Bamboo Roving
Quantity: 25 grams
Colour: Pink

Price: £ 5.00

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