8 cm Coin Purse Black


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This is a 8 cm x 11 cm brown and black reindeer leather coin pinch purse that has been made from upcycled reindeer leather scraps. The little coin pouch has been decorated with hand stitched pewter thread. The mini coin wallet has a flex frame squeeze enclosure. The reindeer leather wallet is lined with cotton fabric that has been dyed with Madder Root natural dye.
Approx size: 11 cm x 8.5 cm
Reindeer leather colours: Black
Wool Vadmal colour: Black
Lining: Madder Root dyed cotton (Pink)
The little coin pouch is large enough to fit a few of your credit cards or business cards, in addition to coins. These flex frame pouches may be ordered in a selection of wool vadmal colours: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Black. The reverse side of the wallet is made of reindeer leather.

Reindeer leather is a precious commodity that is difficult to source. Most of the reindeer hides are used by the Saami people for their own clothing and personal use. I am only able to purchase the reindeer leather in small quantities that are sold as scrap leather. I stitch the small pieces together in order to make purses, pouches, reindeer bracelets and other items. Nothing is wasted.
Each purse, pouch and handbag is different depending on the reindeer leather that I currently have on hand.

Vadmal is a type of wool cloth that has been woven and then beaten while wet in a hammer mill for about 8 hours. The beating treatment felts the wool and makes it wind and water resistant. There may be some colour variation in the Vadmal cloth – this is due to the blend of natural sheep wool fibres used in making the vadmal fabric.

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 8 × 11 cm