4 Ply SW Wool Sock Yarn HT323


4 Ply Plant Dyed High Twist Superwash Sock Yarn 100 grams HT323

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This listing is for a naturally plant dyed wool sock kit. The yarn is a Superwash wool and is 100% pure wool, no nylon. This wool yarn is suitable for knitting socks, mittens, handwarmers, hats. The yarns have been dyed using natural plant materials. Just wool and plants, pure and simply natural.

Blue Faced Leicester wool is a British wool, sourced locally. Blue Faced Leicester has a long staple length and is known for its sheen and lustre. This yarn has been spun with a high twist, that gives the yarn strength and bounce, making it excellent for knitting socks. Personally, I find the wool to be soft, not itchy as some wools can be.

The wool sock kit contains 4 skeins of wool dyed in different colours using natural plant materials. The natural dyed colours are different with each kit. There are no repeats.
Total weight of yarn kit: 100 grams
Skein weight: 25 grams
Each skein has approx. 85 meters
The wool yarn is a sock / fingering weight
Recommended knitting needle size 2.5 – 3 mm depending on your pattern and how tightly you knit.
If you are knitting socks, I recommend using a smaller needle size for the heel/foot section of the sock. The extra tightness of the knit will add strength to the knitted sock.

The natural dyes are created using plants, leaves, flowers, tree barks and minerals that have been used and tested through the ages. Naturally dyed colours fade gently yet remain beautiful.
Some of the dye plants that I use to create the many shades of the rainbow are:
Reds: Madder root, Brazilwood, Cochineal
Yellows: Weld, Fustic, Dyers Greenwood, Flame of the Forest
Blues: Indigo, Woad, Japanese Indigo
Purples and Greys: Alkanet, Logwood

I love to dye rainbows of colour using natural dye plants. The beauty of using natural plant dyes, is that all of nature’s colours are unique yet harmonious, so you can mix and match them together. Not to be repeated. I hope that you will enjoy creating something new with the yarns as much as I have enjoyed making them.

I will be adding more naturally dyed yarns each week, so please check back for new plant dyed colours.

Please note that hand dyed yarns take up dye at different rates, so may have some colour variation throughout the skein, creating a unique look to the yarn. Some natural dye residue such as Indigo may rub off onto your hands.This is harmless.

The Blue Faced Leicester wool is Superwash, so if you happen to toss the socks into your washing machine, they should be OK. However, I recommend that you hand wash your socks using a gentle dish detergent such as Fairy or Dove dishwashing liquid to reduce fading of the natural dyed colours. Laundry soaps can be quite harsh on naturally plant dyed wool colours.

If you are looking for non-superwash wool yarns, please check my other listings.

This listing is for the yarn only It does not include yarn bowl or other items that were used as props.

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