Cookies and Privacy Policy

I do not collect any personal information from you as you visit this website. If you send me an email or Contact me through the Contact page<, I do keep your information so that I am able to contact you regarding any queries you may have.

Google Analytics and Tracking

I have become increasingly concerned about the amount of tracking and personal information that is given to Google and other websites during online browsing. Therefore, I have removed Google Analytics tracking from my websites. It may take me a few days to remove all the code that Google has placed on my pages over the years.

Some tracking of visitors is useful though to a website owner as it helps us to see what pages a visitor is viewing.
Therefore, I have now changed my Analytical software to Matomo Matomo Analytics. All data will be stored on my private server. I do not share any of this information to others.
The information is anonymized at the time of the visit and is stored directly to my server log. I do not see or gather any personal data.

The reports that are produced show:

  • the pages that a user has visited
  • how long they were on each page
  • the referrer (how they found my site (e.g. Google, Bing, Pinterest, Facebook etc)
  • the country the visitor is from

Cookies and Tracking

I do not store other cookies onto your browser during your visit – the Matomo analytics tool uses
Cookieless Tracking
The Matomo Analytics tool that I use doesn’t use cookies to track visits. It has Full GDPR compliance as data is kept safe and isn’t used for any purpose other than analytics.

When you click on the Link regarding your website tracking preferences, please do feel free to say No to the advanced tracking options.

Cookies and Web Shop

Some cookies are used when you make a purchase in the Web Shop. I require your name and address in order to ship the goods. All data is stored on my private server.
All payments are completed via Paypal, and your financial information is stored by Paypal.