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I will be emailing a Paivatar Yarns Newsletter to my subscribers on a regular basis, as I update content on this website.

I originally had this newsletter set up using a WordPress add-on package.
My website provider advises me that the text based mailing list is more secure than using a WordPress Newsletter plug-in. For the tech-savvy, this runs on the GNU Mailman software. The newsletter won’t have all the graphics, bells and whistles that most newsletters have, but it should be more efficient and secure.

If you Subscribed already – I have now moved the mailing list to a more secure area on my server, so you don’t need to resubscribe.

If you would like to Subscribe please complete the following form.

You should get an email almost immediately asking you to Confirm your Subscription.

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Depending on your Email service provider – the Confirmation email may go to your Spam folder.

Please Open the Email and Hit Reply to Confirm the Subscription

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