Hand Spinning Workshops

A series of workshops designed for the Beginner and Intermediate hand spinner. I have a few spinning wheels that are available for the workshops, but participants are encouraged to bring along their own wheel if they can as each wheel has its own characteristics.

Kromski Spinning Wheel
Kromski Spinning Wheel

Some of the techniques taught in the series of Hand spinning Workshops will be:
Learn to draft and spin an even thread on a spinning wheel.
How to spin and make 2 or 3 ply yarns.
Carding – How to use the drum carder to make blended yarns and to create different colour blends with the use of the carder.
How to spin different types of wool and other fibres such as Merino, Corriedale, Blue Leicester, Romney, Alpaca, Silk, Bamboo
How to draft and spin novelty yarns using different spinning techniques: spinning worsted yarns, spinning woollen yarns, core spinning, spinning from the fold.

All of the workshops are provided in my home studio. I keep the class sizes small so that I can provide individual instruction.

Please note:
I am not be offering workshops at this time.

Learn to Spin
The workshop for the beginner hand spinner.
Plied and Cabled Yarns
How to spin plied and cabled yarns.
Spin Flora not Fauna Workshop
Learn to spin some of the new flora plant based fibres.