Etsy Shop

Many of my handmade articles can be found elswhere online – Etsy, I hope that you will stop by for a visit.
If there is something that you would like made, but don’t see it in here or in my other shops please contact me regarding making a custom order.

Paivatar Yarn on Etsy
Handspun Yarns, Spinning Fibres and Felted Items can be found in Paivatar Yarn on Etsy.

Handspun Hand Dyed Yarns

Sami Reindeer Leather Jewellery

Sami Reindeer Leather Coffee Bags

Woven Bands Belts and Trims

Plant Dyed Tote Bags

Plant Dyed Tea Towels

Spin Flora on Etsy
Spin Flora Fibres

Sami Fish Leather on Etsy
Fish Leather Pouches and Purses