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Reindeer Antler Buttons

Sámi Reindeer Antler Buttons The Sämi hand carved buttons for their traditional clothing from reindeer antlers. Reindeer naturally shed their antlers each year. The males shed late in the fall and females […]

Tales of a Sámi – 1.2

TraaniLamppu - Seal Oil Lamp

Tales of a Sámi Tape 1 Part 2 Childhood Memories – Part 1.2These YouTube videos are all spoken by my father, in the Finnish language. I have added translations into several other […]

Tales of a Sámi

Tales of a Sámi

Tales of a Sámi The Sámi people are known for passing on the knowledge of their history through oral story telling. They would each share their stories and life adventures as they […]

DIY RYA Rug Kits

Paivatar DIY RYA Rug Kit

DIY RYA Rug Kits I am often asked if I could sell yarns for those who would like to design their own rya, rather than following a specific pattern. In the past […]

PDF Patterns

Paivatar Suomi Socks

PDF Patterns I have written a few patterns for knitting and nalbinding and have these available in downloadable PDF format. However, due to EU VAT laws on digital downloads, VAT has to […]

Shipping Rates

Shipping Rate Estimates Here is a table of approximate shipping rates depending on Parcel size and Weight to different Countries.Most parcels are shipped by Royal Mail, Tracked and Signed For. If you […]

Returns Policy

Returns Policy All of my items are handmade and or hand-dyed (by myself) so there will be variations in the colours, size or style in each listing. If you are unhappy with […]