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Hand Woven Wool Throws

Handwoven Wool Throws

Bespoke hand woven, natural dyed wool throws. I had to stop weaving throws and blankets for a few years due to breast cancer surgery. I seem to be recovering well and have […]

Hand Woven Rugs

Scandinavian White Wool Hand Woven Rug

Hand woven wool rugs woven with natural dyed wool yarns. Please contact me if you would like to custom order a hand woven wool rug. WEBSHOP Custom Orders and Paivatar On-line Platforms […]

Oxmarket Fab40

Kukka Flower Transparency

A showcase of Fine Art Textiles to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Oxmarket. Juried competition and invited artists. Oxmarket Gallery 30 August – 11 September 2016 Warp: 16/1 Wet spun linen […]

Sami Style Handbags

Sami Reindeer Leather Purse

These felted handbags and purses are inspired by the traditional Saami designs of my ancestors. This handbag has been felted with a blend of snowy white Merino and Blue Leicester wools. The […]

Karelian Belts

Red Karelian Belt

Karelian Style Handwoven Belts In Karelia and in other parts of Finland narrow belts and braids were woven using cards (or tablets) or small hand-held rigid heddle looms. The woven belts or […]

Sauna Towels

Linen Sauna Towels

Handwoven Linen Sauna Towels These handwoven Finnish style Sauna towels are made from high quality and heavy weight linen yarns imported from Finland. Flax one of the Bast fibres, has been used […]