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Paivatar Acid Dyes

Paivatar Acid Dyes

Sorry – but these dyes are not available at this time. I have been using acid dyes for many years to dye wool, silk and other protein fibres. I used to use […]

Linen Cushions

Felted Iris and Natural Linen Pillow Cover

I love to make smaller felted art pieces. What better way to display them than on a natural linen pillow cover. Each cushion has been sewn using fine quality European natural linen […]

Felted Ball Cat Toys

Musti - Felted Cat Toys

Please note: Due to a change in product focus, I am not currently making felted products. Please contact me if you have any questions. This is a set of hand felted cat […]

Twizzle Snake Cat Toys

Musti - Twizzle

These unique felted twizzle snake cat toys will be sure to give your pet hours of fun. Of course, my cat Musti has tested these cat toys and gives her seal of […]

Felted Cat Cave

Felted Cat Pod

A hand felted cat pod or bed. A perfect hideaway for your cat. This felted bowl has been wet felted using hand dyed pure merino wool in shades of blue and decorated […]

Felted Mouse

Musticat Felted Mouse Toys

This unique hand felted mouse will give your cat many hours of fun and play. The MustiKat mouse has been needle felted using pure merino wool. Cats are naturally attracted to the […]

Sami Style Handbags

Sami Reindeer Leather Purse

These felted handbags and purses are inspired by the traditional Saami designs of my ancestors. This handbag has been felted with a blend of snowy white Merino and Blue Leicester wools. The […]

joulu tonttu

Needle Felted Tonttu

This Scandinavian style tonttu is a needle felted elf-like Christmas tree decoration. The tonttu like to wear colourful tall hats. The tonttu is very shy and doesn’t like it when people look […]