Wet Felting Workshop – How to Felt a Bag

Felted IPad Bag

PLEASE NOTE: THE DATE FOR THIS WORKSHOP HAS CHANGED Date: Sunday Oct. 12, 2014 Time: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Where: Birdcage Barn 1 Leigh Road Chichester, UK PO20 0EN The class size is small, so space is limited. Please register early. This is a one day workshop in wet felting designed for beginner or… Continue reading Wet Felting Workshop – How to Felt a Bag

Beginner Felting Workshop

Felt Art Flower by Lynne

Beginner Wet Felting Workshop Date: Saturday April 12, 2014 Time: 11:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The class size is small, so space is limited. Please register early. This is a one day workshop for those who are beginners in wet felting and wish to learn the basics. Learn how to make flat piece of felt… Continue reading Beginner Felting Workshop

Felt Bags

Felted IPad Bag

Hand Felted Bags and Cases Saami Style Handbags Saami Style Felted Handbags Monet Style Felted Shoulder Bag Felted Sunglass Cases Soft felted cases for your sunglasses. Felted IPhone Cases Hand felted cases for your IPhone Felted Business Card Cases Shop on Etsy You can find my hand felted bags and cases in my Shop on… Continue reading Felt Bags

Felt Hats

Classic French Style Wool Felted Beret

Hand felted hats made of pure merino wool and silk blends. Wool Felted Berets I recently had the opportunity to visit Paris. The one thing I wanted to purchase while I was there was a beret. I was disappointed to find that all the berets in the shops were made in China. I purchased one… Continue reading Felt Hats


Felted Baby Booties

Huopa: FI (trans) Felt Tossut: FI(trans) Slippers These felted booties are made in the Finnish tradition of feltmaking. They are handfelted using pure soft merino wool. Wool is known for its properties of keeping you warm even when wet so they are perfect for those cold winter evenings. The wool slippers will mold to fit… Continue reading Huopatossut

Sami Felt Art

Sami Noaidi Felt Art

These hand felted art pictures are based on some of the ancient rock art of my ancestors, the Saami people. Some of these carvings date back almost 5000 years. The northern areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia were inhabited by the Sami people. The images depict scenes from their daily life: tents and villages,… Continue reading Sami Felt Art