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Reindeer Antler Buttons

Sámi Reindeer Antler Buttons

The Sämi hand carved buttons for their traditional clothing from reindeer antlers. Reindeer naturally shed their antlers each year. The males shed late in the fall and females shed in the spring, after their calves are born. The hand carved reindeer antler buttons are available in various sizes. The buttons are not round but are irregular in shape due to the natural shape of the antlers.
Reindeer Antler Buttons

Reindeer Antler Buttons

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Button Size mmPrice (Each) GBP
Price per Pack GBP
7 mm - 9 mm£4.25£ 17.00
10 mm - 11 mm£4.50£ 18.00
12 mm - 14 mm£4.75£ 19.00
15 mm - 17 mm£5.00£ 20.00
19 mm - 22 mm£5.50
£ 22.00