Natural Dyes

Natural Dyes

Natural Plant Dyes

Since I work with natural plant dyes on a daily basis, I have added some of the dyes to my Web Shop, for others who wish to work with them as well. Due to my allergies to pollens, I try to avoid using the many dyes that are made with the flower of the plants. Most of the dyes that I will have available will be the root based or wood bark based dyes (ground to fine powder or small wood chips).

My Natural plant dye recipes and tips about using plant dyes can be found at my All Fiber Arts website.

WEBSHOP Custom Orders and Paivatar On-line Platforms

I will be selling my handmade products and crafting supplies via On-line Platforms. Please Contact me if you would like to discuss a Custom Order.

Paivatar on FOLKSY

My Folksy Shop will feature most of my hand made products, hand-dyed yarns and supplies for other crafters.

Paivatar on EBAY

My Ebay Shop will have Nalbinding Needles, Natural plant dyes and some hand-dyed or hand spun yarns.

Paivatar on Etsy

Currently I only list a few products on Etsy.