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Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency Payments

I am now able to accept some forms of Cryptocurrency Payments.

Crypto Currencies
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Why am I accepting Crytocurrency?

I think that we are now living in a changing world. Our banks and world economies are changing. I think that soon Cash as we know it will be obsolete. Banks are changing their systems to accepting forms of Digital currency only.
Until now cryptocurrencies have been used as speculative investing, only profiting when the owner cashes their crypto into standard ‘cash’ such as US Dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling and other currencies. Crypto has been more like owning Monopoly money.
But Crypto can also become a form of usable currency, if buyers and sellers start to use it for buying and selling goods. Such purchasing or selling goods: yarns or crafts, fruit/vegetables at the local market, in retail or on-line shops etc. Large on-line retailers are already setting up their systems for purchasing/selling (Amazon, Microsoft, Paypal, and others)
There are a lot of people who own Crypto that is sitting unused in their wallets, waiting for these monopoly coins to become useful or to turn them into billionaires.

According to cryptocurrency statistics, in 2022 it is estimated that the average ownership rate of cryptocurrency was 3.9%, which means that there are more than 300 million people owning cryptocurrency around the world.

There are also more than 18,000 companies choosing to accept cryptocurrency as payment for their product or service.
Cryptocurrency Statistics 2022

So I thought I would give this new financial alternative a try. So make that 18,001 companies now accepting cryptocurrency.