Newsletter July 31/21

Paivatar Yarns Newsletter
Date: July 31, 2021

Dear Friends,

This has been quite a year for us all. With Covid, lockdowns, global warming and other world events are requiring us to adapt to life and the changes that surround us.

Paivatar Yarns has also had to adapt. Since I had cancer a few years ago, I have had to change my methods of working. Some of the products that I used to make, I am no longer able to make.

I will not be teaching workshops but will continue to update my All Fiber Arts website with my latest textile discoveries.

Life in the UK has changed as well. Brexit has affected my supply chain, so I am no longer able to import some of the products that I imported from the EU – Finland, Sweden, Norway, are no longer available to me. I have some supplies left for sale but these are limited.

Changes to international VAT, and other taxation rules have become complex. As a small independent craft person, I do not have the infrastructure that is now required to export to other countries, so all of my international sales will be processed through my shops on Etsy and Ebay.

Paivatar Yarns Web Shop will be for UK customers only.

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New Things:

I love to work with colour. Working with natural plant dyes is becoming my passion. The colours that nature provides are amazing. I dye a selection of yarns each day in several different dye vats. I turn the heat off the dye vats in the evening and allow the yarns to absorb the colour overnight. In the morning I check the vats to see what colours nature has created while I sleep. These delightful little yarn packets are the results of those discoveries.

As I work with new plant colours I will be adding more plant dye recipes to my AllFiberArts website.
For example, this week we trimmed our grape vine, so some of the leaves were added to a dye vat. The results of the grape leaf yarns will be posted soon.

Paivatar Yarns Web Shop

I will be expanding my range of natural plant dyed threads. These will be for sale in my Web Shop.

Currently I am adding new colours to the DK Weight Yarns (lovely for Naalbinding) Crewel Wool embroidery yarns and to the Tapestry wool collections. Please check back each week to see new additions to the colour palette. All colours are one-of-a-kind. There are no repeats as each dye vat is different depending on the growing conditions of the plant, the temperature or acidity of the water, the length of time in the vat and other factors.

DK Weight Yarn

Plant Dyed Crewel Wool

Plant Dyed Tapestry Wool

Stay safe and well everyone.

Kind regards