Handspun Yarn


PAIVATAR Hand Spun Art Yarns

I hand spin yarns in small quantities, using a blend of natural plant dyed wool, Cotton, Hemp and Flax plant based fibres.

Please Note:
Due to a sudden serious (anaphylactic type) allergy to Bamboo Fibre
(My natural immune / antibody system has been messed up somehow)
I have had to stop spinning bamboo and other cellulose based fibres.
My Bamboo Allergy

From now on, I will only be spinning pure wool and other natural fibres that I know are safe for me to handle.
It will take a few weeks to restock my hand spun supply of yarns.

SISU Hand Spun

About SISU Handspun – I have borrowed the word ‘sisu’ from my Finnish ancestors. The Finns are known to have a spirit of extraordinary determination in the face of extreme adversity, and courage that is presented typically in situations where success is unlikely.(Wikipedia) The Sisu hand spun yarns are produced in the traditional way, spun from locally sourced wools as much as possible in order to reduce my carbon footprint. The natural wool fibres are hand dyed with natural plant dyes. (With some of the yarns, I add bits of commercially dyed fleece that I have left in stock – as I don’t like to waste materials.)

Sisu Handspun Wool Yarn

Sisu Handspun Wool Yarn

GUOVSSAHAS Handspun Yarn

GUOVSSAHAS – Is the North Sámi word for the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. It means ‘The Lights that Sing’.
I love to dye rainbow colours and to spin yarn in the shades of the Northern Lights.

The magical colour blend of the Guovssahas colours happens as the multiple colours of wool roving are carefully hand selected and blended on a drum carder. The carded batt is then hand spun using a single ply woollen spinning technique that results in a light and airy yarn. The spun yarn is then fulled or felted to set the twist of the yarn, minimizing the risk of the yarn unravelling during knitting (as sometimes can occur with singles spun yarns)
All of the Guovssahas Handspun yarns are suitable for Nalbinding, Knitting or Crochet.

GUOVSSAHAS Handspun 322

GUOVSSAHAS Handspun 322

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I will be selling my handmade products and crafting supplies via On-line Platforms – so that I do not collect any financial information on my website. I only store name, address and any other information required for shipping your items. Please Contact me if you would like to discuss a Custom Order.

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My Folksy Shop will feature most of my hand made products, hand-dyed yarns and supplies for other crafters.

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My Ebay Shop will have Nalbinding Needles, Natural plant dyes and some hand-dyed or hand spun yarns.

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