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Ikkuna – Window Pane – Rya Rug Kits

I first designed these ‘Ikkuna’ Window Panes Rya kits about 20 years ago. I wove the first sample rya on my Glimakra tapestry loom. Each window pane gives a view of a different hand dyed colour, framed in black. The popular kits have gone through many variations over the years.

Ikkuna 2015
Ikkuna 2015

Ikkuna Rya Kit 2023

The Ikkuna 2023 version of this rya kit will be dyed using the colours of nature. The window panes are now framed in natural white wool.
The yarns for the coloured windows will each be dyed using natural plant dyes.

There is also a larger ‘window pane’ of natural vat dyed Indigo Blue.

When working with natural dyes, the colours are seasonal. Not all dye plants are available throughout the year. The type of soil that the plant grew in, the growing season, the quantity of dyestuff in the natural plant, the acidity or pH of the water, the temperature and length of time in the dyebath are all factors that affect the final colour that emerges. There are no repeats when working with nature’s colours. Each kit is unique.

The Ikkuna Rya kit includes:
Paivatar Rya backing canvas
2 cm Rya Ruler
Plant Dyed Rya wool yarn

If you have any questions, or would like to pre-order a kit please contact me. As my selection of natural plant dyed yarns varies continually, these kits will be assembled at the time of your order.

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Rya Rug Kits