Band Weaving

Sámi Band Weaving Supplies

Sami Craft Supplies

Saami Band weaving heddles, shuttles, yarns and other supplies are now available for purchase directly through my Web Shop or my shops on Etsy and EBay.

Saami 2 Hole Rigid Heddle
Saami 2 Hole Rigid Heddle
Beaivi 2 Hole Sami Heddle
Beaivi 2 Hole Sami Heddle

Band Weaving Yarns

Traditionally, the background weave on Sami style belts and bands was a natural cotton or wool yarn.

4 Ply Natural Cotton Yarn
4 Ply Natural Cotton Yarn
4 Ply Natural Wool Yarn
4 Ply Natural Wool Yarn

Product Update:
Due to Brexit, and changes in taxation rules, Stoorstalka is no longer able to supply me with their wonderful products.
You may continue to shop with Stoorstalka through their web shops.
Stoorstalka for US, Canada, Australia and Japan.
Stoorstalka Online Store


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WEBSHOP Custom Orders and Paivatar On-line Platforms

I will be selling my handmade products and crafting supplies via On-line Platforms – so that I do not collect any financial information on my website. I only store name, address and any other information required for shipping your items. Please Contact me if you would like to discuss a Custom Order.

Paivatar on FOLKSY

My Folksy Shop will feature most of my hand made products, hand-dyed yarns and supplies for other crafters.

Paivatar on EBAY

My Ebay Shop will have Nalbinding Needles, Natural plant dyes and some hand-dyed or hand spun yarns.

Paivatar on Etsy

Currently I only list a few products on Etsy.