Spin Flora not Fauna Workshop

A hand spinning workshop for the discerning hand spinner who wants to try something new. With developments in textile technology, wonderful new fibres for the hand spinner have become available. Derived from materials previously thought of as waste, these fibres are reclaimed from plants such as bamboo, bananas, rose stems, mint and other cellulose materials. You will get a surprise goodie bag of several different, luxurious flora spinning fibres to spin during the class. This hand spinning course is designed for the more experienced hand spinner.

Spin Flora Starter Pack
Spin Flora Fibres

The hand spinning courses require that you bring your own spinning wheel. Sometimes I will have an extra spinning wheel that you can borrow for the workshop.

Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Course Length: 6 hours

Workshop Fee: £125.00
Materials: £25.00
Total: £150.00

Students: £125.00
2 persons: £250.00
The course fee includes materials required for the workshop.

Additional spinning fibre may be purchased afterwards if you would like more practice.
Coffee, tea and refreshments will be provided. Please bring along a packed lunch.