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Please Note:
I am currently in the process of developing some new min-size Rya Rug Kits that will use natural plant dyed yarns.
My health has improved so I am now able to weave some rya backing cloth again. (narrow widths only)
The rya backing and Rya Kits will be sold through my Folksy Shop. I weave short lengths at a time, so if the cloth is out of stock, it generally takes me about 2-3 weeks to make more.
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss a Custom order

For those who would like to make their own traditional style rya (ryijy) rug, I hand dye rya yarns using natural plant dyes. The world of plant dyes offers much variety and gentle colour to yarns. Each batch is uniquely dyed as the colour and shading varies depending on the soil and growing conditions of the plants, the acidity of the dye water and the length of time in the dyeVat. This variety of colour gives a plant dyed rya rug a rich depth of shading.

The Rya Yarns that I dye have been designed to work best with the Finnish style of backing that I sell.
Traditionally, the rya pile on a Finnish rug is quite short in length.
The pile is packed quite firmly (3-4 threads per knot). This allows the pile to stand up quite straight, creating small points of colour in the finished piece, allowing for greater detail in the patterning.

Plant Dyed Rya Rug Yarn

Currently, I am only dyeing Rya Yarns for use with my Rya Kits that I will be selling.

Finnish Folk Rya Mini Kits
Finnish Folk Rya Mini Kits

Skein Length: 45 meters

Below are tables that gives an estimate of how much yarn you will need depending on the size of rya rug and length of the rya pile.

Short Rya Pile – 1.5 cm
Using a 1.5 cm Rya ruler, a 1 meter length of yarn will tie approx. 12 – 15 knots.
Use 4 yarn threads per knot.

Rya Rug Size
Knots / Row
# RowsKnots / Meter
Yarn / per KnotTotal MetersTotal Skeins



Long Rya Pile – 2.5 cm
When designing a longer length of rya pile, the rya looks best when the pile lies more flatly, overlapping the previous row of knots.
For this type of rya rug, I recommend using 2-3 threads per knot.
Using a 2.5 cm Rya Ruler, a 1 meter length of yarn will tie approx. 10-12 knots.

Rya Rug Size
Knots / Row
# RowsKnots / Meter
Yarn / KnotTotal MetersTotal Skeins

Naturally Plant Dyed Wool Yarns

I use high quality worsted spun wool for my hand dyed rya rug yarns. The yarns are tightly spun and quite soft to the touch. The yarn is British Blue Faced Leicester wool that has a natural sheen to the yarn. Rya rugs are not designed to be used as a floor rug but are meant to be hung on a wall as a tapestry and family heirloom. Please treat your hand made ryijy with care, so that you can pass it on to future generations. Plant dyes are more sensitive to gentle fading. Please hang your rya rug in a place that is not in direct sunlight, to help preserve the brightness of the colours. Naturally plant dyed wools are not bright in colour but are gentle and soft in shading. Much like the tapestries that can be found in museums.

Rya Rug Weaving – Off Loom – YouTube


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Rya Rug Yarns and Backings

Here are a few other sources for ordering Rya rug backings and supplies.

Jenni Vanhanen in Finland offers wonderful Finnish style rya rug backings and yarns.

Byrdcall Studio
Melinda Byrd sells Norwegian style rya rug backing, kits and supplies.

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