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Dye Flora Plant Dyes Workshop

Dye Flora Plant Dyes Workshop

Please note:

I will be posting more how-to YouTube videos and articles on my allfiberarts.com website.
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I do not offer Zoom based workshops, as my weaving studio is an internet free zone.
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You will learn the basics of how to dye cellulose fibres: e.g linen and cotton with traditional and locally sourced plant dyes. Cellulose fibres require different mordant preparations than wool, and take longer to dye than protein fibres. This workshop is a bit longer in length than most of the other workshops that I offer, in order to allow sufficient time for the mordant and dye processes. This plant dye course is designed for the beginner.
The workshop will include dyes such as Madder (oranges and pinks) Weld (yellow) and Indigo (blue) as well as other plant dyes (Birch bark, elderberry, alkanet) and other dye plants that are in season and have been sourced locally. We will cover information about how to safely use different mordants suitable for plant fibres, how to collect local dye plants and how to prepare a mordant and plant dye bath.

You will go away with a plant dyed cotton towel or dyed cotton market bag, and several fabric dye swatches of linen and cotton materials or dyed yarn samples.

All dyes and course materials will be provided. Please do not bring along your own fabrics.
If you wish to learn how to dye wool and other protein fibres with natural plant dyes, please contact me for more information.
Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be served. Please bring along a packed lunch.

Course length: approx. 7 hours
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Course Fee: £150
Materials Fee: £25
Total: £175

Student Rate: £150

I can offer a slight discount for 2 participants.
Total cost: £285

My studio space and dye pots are small so I am only able to accommodate up to 2 participants per class.
Please Note:

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Plant Dyed Cotton / Linen

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