Year: 2016

Nalbinding Hat


Nalbinding Nalbinding is an ancient textile technique that pre-dates knitting. Nalbinding knots are sewn using a large wooden or bone needle by forming interconnecting loops around your thumb. My interest in the textile techniques of nalbinding came from my Saami father. My grandmother was a Saami from the Sor-Varanger province of Norway. My father was …

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Band Weaving Hand woven bands have many uses. They can be used as belts, straps for carrying bags, lanyards, guitar straps or anything that needs to be tied. A specially woven band is lovely when sewn or stitched onto a hand woven or knitted article. Coco Chanel’s signature jackets were made famous because of the …

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Sami Shoe Bands

Skalleband Shoe Bands

Sami Shoe Bands Shell Bands, Skallebånd, Vuoddagat, Paulanauhat Sami patterned shoe bands were traditionally woven on a rigid heddle loom. The woven bands were worn wrapped around the ankles and their purpose was to fasten the reindeer leather boots to the feet and to protect the legs against the snow, similar to modern day gaitors. …

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Kukka Flower Transparency

Oxmarket Fab40

A showcase of Fine Art Textiles to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Oxmarket. Juried competition and invited artists. Oxmarket Gallery 30 August – 11 September 2016 Warp: 16/1 Wet spun linen Weft: 16/1 Wet spun linen Weft inlay: Hand spun bleached tow flax Size: 40 cm x 40 cm “Kukka” Flower is woven in …

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