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How to Warp a Beaivi Loom Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to warp and weave pickup designs on a Beaivi Double hole rigid heddle loom. You will learn how to warp the loom using a warping board. We will use 9 pattern threads and you will learn how to weave pickup with a selection of different braid weaving patterns.

Beaivi Loom Warp

Beaivi Loom Warp

A double hole rigid heddle is similar to the standard weaving reeds that have one set of holes and one set of slots. These carry the ground weave of the band. A second set of holes has been added above the first set of holes. The top row of holes carry the warp pattern threads and are usually a thicker weight of yarn and are a contrasting colour.
As you weave the band, the pattern threads are lifted to the surface of the band or dropped to run below the surface, creating the patterns. The pattern will be in reverse on the back side of the braid. This technique is similar to the Finnish style of Finnweave or double weave pickup.

How to Warp a Beaivi Double Hole Rigid Heddle
Course Length: 6 hours
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Coffee, tea and refreshments will be provided. Please bring along a packed lunch. If you already own a Beaivi loom or other double hole heddle, please bring that along. For those who don’t yet own one, a Beaivi loom will be provided for the course.

Course Fee: £125.00
Materials Fee: £5.00

Please contact me for further information or if you would like to register for a course.
The Materials fee covers the cost of the yarns required for the workshop. You may purchase a Beaivi rigid heddle if you wish, at the end of the workshop.

All of the workshops are provided in my home studio. I keep the class sizes small so that I can provide individual instruction.

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