Band Weaving


Band Weaving

Hand woven bands have many uses. They can be used as belts, straps for carrying bags, lanyards, guitar straps or anything that needs to be tied. A specially woven band is lovely when sewn or stitched onto a hand woven or knitted article. Coco Chanel’s signature jackets were made famous because of the unique hand woven trims.

These woven ribbons have been made using a traditional Scandinavian band loom. The bands can be custom ordered in any width or length or colour. The cotton bands are made with organically grown cotton, and are available in 42 colours.

Hand Woven Cotton Belts

The woven bands also make lovely belts. These are woven using organic cotton, and trimmed with reindeer leather.

Handwoven Bookmarks

When I weave bands I often have short pieces left over. I don’t like to waste what I’ve woven so I make these woven bands into bookmarks.
I trim one end of the bookmark with a small scrap of reindeer leather. The other end of the bookmark has a fringe finish.


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Handwoven Bookmarks

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