Twizzle Snake Cat Toys

These unique felted twizzle snake cat toys will be sure to give your pet hours of fun. Of course, my cat Musti has tested these cat toys and gives her seal of approval.

Musti-Twizzle Snake

Musti-Twizzle Snake

The felted cat toy has been made by wrapping hand dyed merino wool around a pipe cleaner and then wet felted until the surface is hard creating a durable pet toy.

The twizzle snakes come in a set of 2 and are packaged in a mesh gift bag ready to be given to a special friend.

Cats are naturally attracted to the scent of wool and natural lanolin. You can roll the wool cat toy in a bit of catnip to give your cat a bit of extra pleasure.

If you would like the twizzle snake cat toys to be infused with catnip, or would like some in a different colour, please let me know and I can make a special order for you.

Felted Twizzle Snake Cat Toys

Price: £9.50
Shipping and Handling: £1.50

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